IMG_2572I met Josh by chance. He’s a grunt. The bone marrow of our countries war fighters. He’s been through more than I can write here. I just want to give you some insight into what kind of person he is. He’s showing you the scar from a chest tube that he received in Afghanistan. While deployed, he was performing as a turret gunner in a mine resistant vehicle. An IED detonated causing the road to give-way. The vehicle he was in rolled down a steep embankment. He needle decompressed himself multiple times while waiting on the chest tube. He’s also showing you a tattoo his buddy gave him just bellow the scar. The tattoo is commemorative to the event, done by his friend. To me this is one of the most beautiful things about tattoos. “If this doesn’t get your juices flowing, you just don’t understand.” Tangibility, Resolve and Intent. The process is always more important than the outcome.


 Ben Franklin made this in 1754. He made this as propaganda to encourage the former colonies to unite against British rule. You gotta love the gritt.