I don’t even know where to begin. I am honored and overwhelmed every time someone asks me to tattoo them. I am particularly overwhelmed when the person has intense expectations and strong emotions attached to the image. sometimes when tattooing my buddies, its like pin stripin’ a jeep. Tattooing a woman is a bit different to me. Does that mean I am sexist? To top this, it was her first tattoo. It took about 6-8 hours and she sat like a champion! I took a lot of pictures and am just not happy with the way they show the image. To see it in real life it has so much more power. I joked with Ally, that if Nora Jones did Black Sabbath covers it would look/sound like this. I am so proud of the trust and effort thats gone into this. the process is always more important than the outcome. Just getting started. Thank you so much Ally!process